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Dr. Jonathan Swinton, PhD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Sandy, Utah

Fast solutions to your marriage problems

I am often asked if there is a fast solution to marriage / relationship problems. The answer – perhaps . Relationship problems are complicated. If there was a simple solution, you probably would not be perusing this site for ideas. Being realistic, it may take some adjustments to make the necessary changes. But, the more …

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Overscheduling our family

I read an interesting article on a local news site today. It caught my attention because it is on a topic I address with couples and families on a daily basis – overscheduling. Here is a link to the article on how parents typically ¬†overschedule the lives of their children: I think this issues …

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Let’s just make it through the Holidays…

I hear a lot at this time of the year things like: “We just decided to get through the Holidays and then we will talk about divorce”, or “Let’s just give the kids a good Christmas and then we can deal with our problems”. Why not deal with the relationship problems now? Waiting rarely makes …

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What’s in it for me?

I consider selfishness to be the cancer of any relationship. As soon as the question “What’s in it for me?” becomes the focus, the relationship may be on a downward spiral. Focusing on what you are not receiving, how imperfect your partner is, what deficiencies they possess, etc. will only set you up for failure. …

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Can our marriage make it?

I am often asked the question: “Can our marriage make it?” My response is generally “Yes”. If two people want their marriage to work and they are both willing to put the effort they each need to into the relationship, of course it can work. The key factors are being committed,¬† being willing to focus …

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Autumn Change

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. It brings reflection as the season cools, trees change, and foliage falls. It reminds me of something I frequently hear as I counsel couples through their marriage/relationship problems. I often hear: “She has changed”, or “He is different than when we got married”. Sometimes the changes …

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