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For professional couple counseling or marital therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah trust the experienced team at Boyle Counseling & Consultation.

Couples seek relationship counseling for a variety of specific reasons but, in virtually every case, they do so with the hope of making things better. Whether you need to reestablish lost trust, bring passion into your relationship or work on being better communicators, our experienced relationship counselors are here to assist you.

We are a small, compassionate group of licensed counselors who understand how meaningful this step can be for your future. Even the fact that you’re considering seeing a counselor is a strong indication that you’re committed to a happier, more fulfilled future.

The Benefits of Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Even when couples realize that something isn’t working quite right in their relationship, they may not have the insight or perspective to identify the source of the problem. Anger and resentment can grow, pushing them farther apart and threatening to erode the foundations of their relationship.

Seeking marriage counseling is a highly effective way to gain those critical insights and perspectives in a safe, comfortable environment.

Marriage counselors and couples therapists know how to uncover the underlying issues that have brought you to this point. Counseling can bring your relationship back from the brink of failure. But it can also help you avoid future problems by improving communication, reestablishing trust and teaching you the skills necessary to resolve conflict.


We can work with couples on a wide range of concerns, helping to identify the problem and address your needs for a variety of issues that can come up in a relationship. Couples therapy and marriage counseling with our qualified therapists may include:

  • Identifying the unique strengths and challenges that you face in your relationship during an initial couples consultation
  • Building friendship and strengthening the bond between a couple
  • Discussing and resolving short-term disagreements and long-term conflicts
  • Improving your ability to communicate effectively with one another
  • Rekindling fondness and attraction in a relationship
  • Working through the challenges of interfaith relationships
  • Exploring intimacy and sex to create a healthy physical connection
  • Examining family issues, including blended families, divorce, remarriage, parenting skills, and changing roles within a relationship
  • Addressing challenges unique to LGBTQ couples
  • Restoring trust following infidelity

When Should You Seek Relationship or Marriage Counseling?

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Although many couples don’t seek the help of a relationship counselor until they hit a point of crisis, couples therapy can benefit virtually anyone in some way.

Some of the most common reasons that couple seek the help of a counselor relate to trust, communication and physical or emotional intimacy. Other couples struggle with issues such as finances, conflict over raising children or substance abuse. Beyond these common challenges, however, it’s important to realize that no one teaches a class in how to be a good partner. We learn by trial and error and we are doomed to repeat our mistakes until someone shows us a better way.

Finding the Best Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy in Salt Lake City

At Boyle Counseling & Consultation, we teach couples how to find that better way.

Dr. Boyle, PhD, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with extensive training and almost 15 years of real-world experience. We take a straightforward approach that can produce results almost immediately for many couples.

You won’t find a stronger advocate for your relationship than Dr. Boyle. He has helped couple through every kind of crisis and challenge you can imagine, and he knows how to help you persevere and overcome.

Contact us today to learn more about us, or to schedule your appointment for marriage counseling, couples therapy or relationship counseling in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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