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The need for family counseling and therapy is at an all-time high today, in Utah and throughout the United States

The contemporary family dynamic involves a variety of blended and multi-generational families. Profound and unexpected changes in the family structure can create chaos — and in many cases, crisis — for parents as well as children.

Even the most traditional families encounter challenges, however. When disruptive cycles of conflict steal focus from the harmony of day-to-day life, family therapy can help restore balance in your home.

Family Therapy Helps Resolve Systemic Tensions

Above all, the family functions as a system, much like actors in a play.

Each member of the family plays out his or her specific role, carrying out expected behaviors and responsibilities. When one or more actors depart from the script, the family can be thrown into turmoil and conflict.

Familial systems can break down for any number of reasons. Parents may encounter unexpected life challenges, ranging from divorce or job loss to addiction or mental illness. Children, already vulnerable, thanks to the rapid and unexpected challenges of growing up, can develop behavioral problems.

When the family is willing to address these tensions and challenges together, a family counselor can assist them in facing — and overcoming — the disruptions.

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What You Can Expect from Family Counseling

Whether all or only part of your family participates, counseling will provide you with a number of invaluable tools.

Together, you will deepen the bonds of your love and respect for one another and learn to rely on each other to navigate stressful times. You will develop a more profound understanding of the familial system, while learning to appreciate the demands that life’s challenges create.

And while counseling cannot ensure a lifetime of pure harmony in the home, it can give you an understanding of how to address and resolve future problems on your own.

Common Motivations for Seeking Therapy

If you have gained or lost a family member, or if you have recently blended two families, the professional counselors of Boyle Counseling & Consultation can help ease these challenging transitions.

If one or more of your children has developed academic or behavioral problems, or has been diagnosed with a mental illness, we can assist you in understanding and addressing the situation with compassion and love, rather than blame.

In many cases, when parents are forced to devote extra attention to one child’s problems, other family members may experience jealousy and act out themselves. Although this is a perfectly natural reaction, our counselors can provide the skills necessary for restoring — and maintaining — balance.

Every family is unique, and our approach to treatment is designed to meet your specific needs. With a convenient location in Sandy, Utah, we make it as easy as possible for you to help your family through challenging times.

Contact Boyle Counseling & Consultation today to learn more about our programs, and to schedule your appointment for family counseling.

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