Relationship Counseling in South Jordan, Utah

Relationship Counseling in South Jordan, Utah

The counselors at Boyle Counseling & Consultation bring training and experience to the marriage counseling services they provide to clients in South Jordan, Utah, and the surrounding areas.

If you’re thinking about seeing a relationship counselor, you’ve already shown that you have a commitment to improving your future together with your loved one.

No matter what state your relationship is in, our licensed counselors can help. Whether you’ve suffered a complete breakdown in trust, or just want to find ways to handle conflicts before they become insurmountable, it’s always a good time to consider improving your relationship with the help of a compassionate, experienced counselor.

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Couples Counseling Offers You Many Benefits

You may be seeking counseling because a key aspect of your relationship has stopped working. You may have lost trust in one another or stopped effectively communicating. Maybe the intimacy you once enjoyed seems to have disappeared and been replaced with conflicts over finances, family issues or other sensitive topics. You may not even know the root causes of your conflicts, but you are highly aware that you have them.

Therapy can be the most effective way to gain an understanding of your conflicts and their causes – while you are secure in a comfortable environment. This comfortable setting or a counseling session is ideal for learning and practicing new ways to address your issues, from the most mundane to the most threatening.

Couple’s counseling can help you save your relationship when it seems hopeless, or it can just help you derive more joy from each other with better communication, understanding, and trust.


Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy Services

Many issues arise during the course of a couple’s relationship. Sometimes these issues can become pronounced conflicts but still the source of the problem isn’t clear.

In an initial consultation, our qualified counselors and therapists can help you identify the challenges – and the strengths – in your relationship. Our subsequent services can help you:

  • Strengthen your bond of trust
  • Learn techniques to dissolve common disagreements efficiently
  • Find ways to approach and resolve your critical conflicts
  • Improve your skills at communicating with your partner
  • Restore intimacy and sex to your relationship
  • Address issues concerning your family
  • Communicate openly about issues involving faith, finances, or fidelity
  • Identify relationship issues that affect interfaith couples
  • Handle issues unique to the LGBTQ community

Would Relationship Therapy Benefit You Now?

Many couples think they should only seek out a relationship therapist after their issues have grown into real conflicts. Certainly, at those points of crisis, couples therapy can be essential in helping to repair your conflicts and heal your relationship back to a stronger former state. A compassionate therapist who specializes in couple’s conflict may be invaluable at this stage.

Your relationship needn’t be in critical condition for you to realize many of the great benefits that counseling offers. Before any conflicts reach that point, you can integrate therapy into handling issues that arise every day in healthy relationships.

We can help you learn skills to handle sometimes challenging issues, like finances, childcare, communication, even physical intimacy.


Learn More with a Couples Consultation in South Jordan, Utah

Our team at Boyle Counseling & Consultation provides a variety of services for relationships in all stages. Our compassionate approach can help your relationship start to work better almost immediately, addressing issues with communication, intimacy, infidelity, or addiction.

Relationships end for many reasons, but Boyle Counseling and Consultation is the last to give up on your finding a path to healing your relationship.

Dr. Jeremy Boyle, Ph.D., LMFT, uses his extensive training and experience to help you restore the happiness in your relationship. He is also a licensed family therapist and can help you restore balance and harmony in your home.

Take the step for you and your loved one. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our marriage and relationship counseling services in South Jordan.

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