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Every relationship has periods of conflict when the partners feel at odds with one another. You may find that you are always arguing, or that your arguments seem to focus on one issue: money, intimacy, or caring for your children.

Perhaps you feel like you’ve grown apart, that you don’t communicate anymore, or that you’re not making the effort you once used to. Finding the right couple’s therapy can reveal the causes of your conflicts and help you find ways to address them openly and honestly.

Couples Counseling Offers Many Benefits

At times, the relationship challenges you are facing may seem profound, even unsurmountable; other times they are just frustrating and perplexing.

Many times, the underlying cause of a conflict isn’t even clear to the couple. They might not know how to solve the problem, either. Not many people have had the chance to take a class on how to have a good relationship.

The trusted team at Boyle Counseling & Consultation can help you help discover truths in your relationship and shed light on your conflicting issues. Our team also offers methods and techniques you can use to create a happier, healthier relationship.

Our licensed counselors are sympathetic to your unique needs. We listen to you and your unique situation carefully, in order to offer you the most effective personalized assistance.

Our Relationship Counseling Services

At Boyle Counseling and Consultation, we offer a variety of counseling services in various formats to clients in Sandy, Utah, and the surrounding communities.

Here are a few of the different service offerings we provide.

  • Marriage Counseling can be vital to saving your marriage from a crisis, or it can simply add the benefits of improved communication and intimacy
  • Couples Therapy offers a more intense approach to your therapy, in which you can rid your relationship of longtime limitations.
  • Intensive Marriage Therapy is intended for couples facing serious issues, or those who may be on the verge of separation or divorce.
  • Premarital Counseling can help you find ways to communicate and interact that will bring long-lasting happiness in your upcoming marriage.
  • Family Counseling can help you handle expected and unexpected changes in your family structure.

We also offer a variety of specialized consultations to help you through some specific areas of relationship challenge:

  • Family Business Consultation covers the skills and strategies for overcoming the variety of conflicts and unique challenges that running a business with family can present.
  • Financial Behavior Consultation can show you and your partner new ways of handling your finances to help you meet your goals and avoid the nation’s top stressor.
  • Parenting Consultation & Education provides the knowledge and skills that allow you to be the parents you want to be.
  • Premarital Consultation helps you take an assessment of your relationship and identify its strengths and weaknesses and learn now how to avoid possible pitfalls ahead.

Is This the Right Time to Reach Out for Relationship Help?

Our lives encompass both losses and successes, and these can have a profound impact on our relationships.

Losing a family member, child or friend can be devastating. Losing a job brings on a different set of worries. Financial problems can fuel relationship conflicts. Often couples respond with silence, keep secrets or engage in ongoing arguments.

These issues may arise in any stage of a relationship: early love, parenting, paying for college, “empty nest syndrome,” coping with aging, etc. Each stage brings new problems with it; problems that couples may be unsure how to handle. During any stage of a relationship, some form of couples therapy can be beneficial.

If there are factors that have thrown your relationship into turmoil, the safe setting a relationship counselor provides can be essential to getting back on track. This setting is also ideal for when you want to learn new skills to make a relationship that’s working well even better. You can find more intimacy, more satisfaction, more connection with your partner with the help of a compassionate, qualified counselor.

The Right Couples Counseling for You in Sandy, Utah

Boyle Counseling & Consultation offers you one of the area’s best-trained relationship therapists with extensive experience.

Dr. Boyle, Ph.D., LMT has worked with couples, families and individuals in a variety of venues. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Boyle believes in you and your relationship and will fight to help you find your way back to happiness.

Contact our practice today to reap the benefits of our years of training and experience. Here, you will learn critical skills that you can use to overcome your relationship challenges and build back a more intimate, rewarding life with your partner.

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