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Stop the Relationship Wrestling

Take down–two points. Reversal–two points. Pin–for the win. These are all things I witnessed at my son’s most recent wrestling tournament. As I sat and watched my son wrestle, I couldn’t help but think that I see a similar pattern of verbal and emotional behavior from many of the couples I have seen in my …

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Say YES to Saying NO! : A Guide to Overcoming People Pleasing

Self Test: YES NO Will you do whatever is asked of you to keep everyone around you happy? YES NO Is it everyone else more important than yourself? YES NO Is it saying “no” hard for you? YES NO Is it to be needed almost an addiction for you? YES NO When you are needed …

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Control vs. No Control

Everyday we have situations, circumstances, people, and events calling for our attention. Some are exciting, some are scary, some are confusing, some are frustrating. The list of possible reactions to the innumerable circumstances are endless. So how do we decide what to focus our efforts on, and what to let go? First, it is important …

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The Healthy Self: Esteem, Love, and Worth

Is there such a thing as loving oneself too much? What about too little? How do we achieve the balance of self; in the sense that it is just right? Let’s delve into what each of these actually mean and then expand upon their relationship towards each other: Self-esteem: what we THINK and FEEL and …

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What is POSITIVE self consciousness?

  Often we think of self consciousness as having negative connotations that may coincide with being too embarrassed to speak up, insecure in our interactions with others, or even missed opportunities in life. Ultimately, as we explore our own individual relationships with self consciousness and how it can provide benefits in relationships within ourselves and …

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Communication Skills: How to Speak, Listen and Respond to your Loved Ones

  The goal of effective communication is mutual understanding. Often, we forget that communicating is an art. They are so many little pieces that play an important role in the way we communicate to others such as our verbal expression (written, oral, and visual) and nonverbal communication such as our body language. I would like …

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