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About Boyle Counseling & Consultation

We are relationship experts trained and skilled in the most current and effective approaches. Our services includes:

Our ultimate goal is to help you and your spouse to discover the path path back to happiness with professional marriage counseling.

group therapy

Our Relationship expert

Couple expert, Dr. Boyle talks about relationships and how couples can overcome the many struggles they face together.

Why He's Different

Dr. Boyle is one of the regions best trained and most experienced relationship experts.

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Every day you spend money on things that will eventually be thrown away. Your relationships are not products to be thrown away. Your relationships are investments which can bring great dividends. Life can be complicated but you don’t need to navigate the difficulties of your relationships alone. Your relationships are worth your investment to receive the best expert relationship help. At Boyle Counseling & Consultation, our Relationship experts are trained and committed to building stronger relationships.

Our Sandy Office Location

The office is conveniently located on the east side of 1300 East, across the street from the Pebblebrook golf course in Sandy. It is near the I-15 freeway off-ramp at 90th South and the Fort Union I-215 off-ramp. We are in a nice office complex with five red brick buildings with white pillars in front. We are in the one-story building at the back of the lot, farthest from the road.

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