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At Boyle Counseling & Consultation, we are uniquely qualified to help you in your individual counseling needs. Recent research shows that there may be a strong relationship component to mental health issues, such as depression. As a group, we have special training to look at individual issues systemically. What that means is, we understand that as an individual, you are part of a system of relationships as well. We will look at mental health issues such as depression or anxiety in the context of how your relationships affect your mental health and vice versa. Our clients find that they get better results when they approach what may appear an individual issue in a systemic way.

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An example: One client came in for treatment of anxiety. She stated that she was frustrated with her progress in counseling in the past because her husband was not a part of the treatment and he wasn’t sensitive to her needs and didn’t understand how to help her. With a systemic approach, she had a different experience at Boyle Counseling & Consultation. We worked with the woman and her husband in counseling to help them learn together how to help her with her anxiety. They both expressed satisfaction about the significant changes they were able to implement together which resulted in a significant reduction in her anxiety.

Another example of treating an issue systemically is addiction: Often, individuals will seek therapy for addiction alone, thinking it is “their” problem. However, research also shows that addiction is very much influenced by relationships and has profound impacts on relationships as well. Those who come to us at Boyle & Associates receive tools to work with those around them through their treatment and experience better results and outcomes.

At Boyle Counseling & Consultation, we will show you how to heal from trauma, recover from addiction, overcome debilitating symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

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