Mistaken Identity

Couple with cloud question marks for heads seeking marriage counseling in Draper Utah

Are you dealing with a mistaken identity? Are you aware that your mistaken identity is negatively impacting your marriage or couple relationship? This is happening when you mistake poor behavior or a negative attitude as being part of your identity or personality? Every day I directly tell couples to stop being critical, defensive, making assumptions, and a long list of other things that are guaranteed to improve their relationships. However, I often hear things like “I’m not going to change who I am!” or “I’m not going to change my personality.”

I want to be very clear that your personality and your identity cannot be blamed for a negative attitude and unkind behavior in your marriage or couple relationship.

I promise you that being kind, learning to communicate differently, having a more positive attitude, and treating your spouse or partner with kindness and caring, just to name a few, will not cause you to lose your identity or change your personality. It will only help you improve who you are and change your relationship for the better.

Building a strong couple relationship is not a matter of losing your identity, it is how you will find your true identity.

If you are mistaking poor behavior or a negative attitude as being a part of your identity or personality, and it is negatively impacting your relationship, come see us for straightforward, expert marriage and couples counseling in Sandy, Utah.