The Path to Positive Self

The Path to Positive Self

It isn’t uncommon for someone to struggle with low self-worth and negative thoughts about themselves. These negative core beliefs can be debilitating and can begin to get in the way of our capacity to feel joy and happiness.  So how do you take a lifetime of believing something negative about yourself and turn it around?

Imagine taking the same dirt path from home to work every day. What would happen? The path would eventually get worn down and over time form a rut. This is the same thing that happens in our brains when we have repeated interactions and thoughts and feelings about ourselves. These “paths” in our brains are referred to as neuropathways and just like a worn-down dirt path, our brains create pathways based on our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

There may be one rut that sounds like: “I’m not good enough”, and another one that says: “I’m stupid”, or “I can never do anything right”. Whatever the negative core message is, we must begin changing the way that we talk to ourselves, and therefore change the “path” that we go down.

This doesn’t happen automatically or without effort. In fact, when we have negative core beliefs about ourselves, often our brain can’t just jump from: “I’m a complete failure at everything I do” to “I’m amazing and successful and worthy.” Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that.

What we can do, is start the change process to a new mindset and more positive core belief about ourselves with a choice. It may sound as simple as: “I choose to feel worthy and competent.”

Next, we explore what that feeling may feel like: “I feel worthy and competent”.

And then we eventually move into a new path that says: “I AM worthy and competent”.

This process is called “scripting”, and it helps create a bridge from a negative core belief to a positive one. So, if you’re struggling with “I’m overweight and unattractive”, you would script that into: “I choose to love myself and I choose to believe I am attractive.” Then you would say: “I feel love towards myself and I feel attractive.” Lastly, you would say: “I AM Loveable and attractive”.

What this scripting does is change the neuropathways (paths) in our brains and creates a new, more positive path that we then CHOOSE to take, rather than the worn down negative one. Each time you recite the new script, it creates a new path. As you do this, you will begin to increase your positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself.

Begin today to believe better things about yourself, and if you need additional support and guidance, we as trained professionals, we are here to help you.


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