Create a Magical Couple Relationship

Create a Magical Couple Relationship

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When I was a little boy, I would lay awake anticipating what presents Santa Claus was going to bring me. In spite of fact that Santa Claus never gave me what I had asked for, year after year I would experience the wonder and excitement of anticipating what Santa would bring me. I believe my childhood anticipation was a gift that made this time of year “magical” for me.

As I think about other “magical” moments in my life that I have awaited with excited anticipation, I think about, the time I asked my wife to marry me, the birth of each of my children, starting a new job, and going on a long awaited vacation, just to name a few. So, what is it that makes each of these experiences “magical”? I believe the thing that makes all of these experiences “magical” is the fact that each of these experiences were new.
In marriage and other couple relationships, we become so focused on the day to day routine, and so rigid in believing that things need to be a certain way, or the way that they have always been, and we lose that feeling of magical anticipation. In other words, couples get stuck in a rut.

In order for couple relationships to be protected from things like infidelity, resentment, emotional distance, etc., couples need to be willing to try new things, have new conversations, go to new places, and have new experiences together. As couples create experiences that they both face with a childlike anticipation, they will find that they will not tire of one another but will instead be experiencing “magical” moments that will bring them closer together. If you find you are stuck in a rut in your marriage or couple relationship, visit with one of us in our Sandy, Utah office.






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