Working Through Complex Issues in Unity

Working Through Complex Issues in Unity

Every couple has complex issue to work through at various times in their lives together. Below are some important relationship principles to help you achieve success:

1. Each in the couple relationship freely expresses thoughts and point of view. Be sure to avoid blame or criticism, or shooting down the other person’s ideas or feelings. Show respect.

2. Seek to feel constant love for your spouse while dealing with the complex issue. Take breaks if you need to. If feelings of love and respect are not present, it will be difficult to achieve unity.

3. The “majority rule” does not apply in couple relationships. Just because one in the partnership may communicate more elegantly or persuasively, it does not mean that he or she is correct or has the best idea for dealing with the complex issue.

4. Listen carefully to one another. Consciously seek to understand each other’s perspective. It is impossible to achieve a unified decision to a complex issue if you do not seek to understand one another.

5. Talk through the issue with one another until you are unified. With some issues this could take days, weeks, or even months of discussion before unity is achieved.

6. If you are having difficulty with any of the steps above, seek out the help of a relationship expert in our Sandy office.

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