What is POSITIVE self consciousness?

What is POSITIVE self consciousness?


Often we think of self consciousness as having negative connotations that may coincide with being too embarrassed to speak up, insecure in our interactions with others, or even missed opportunities in life. Ultimately, as we explore our own individual relationships with self consciousness and how it can provide benefits in relationships within ourselves and even others we can shift our way of thinking to embrace all of the positivities that may accompany an increased understanding and capacity of this well ingrained misnomer.

1. Be open to exploring your inner feelings
Once we start paying attention to how we feel it gives us the great opportunity of connecting with self. In our world everything is rush here, do this, and do that; often we are so consumed with the business of life we often stop paying attention to our own underlying emotions and feelings. Have you ever started feeling anger and began to express it without thinking about why you’re really frustrated, anxious, or maybe even worried? Or even how feeling guilt when doing something wrong may motivate you to apologize, correct your actions, and do better? When we connect with our emotions we begin to do what we do with real intent and are in greater control of our actions.

2. Understand you’re already enough
We may almost innately fear rejection of our family and friends. However, when we love ourselves for our own good qualities, become comfortable, and confident in expressing them, others can’t help but be drawn to those who have healthy self esteem and find happiness in life in general. If you loose a friend here or a friend there, did they know you and like you for you anyway? Dr. Suess is known to have stated, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

3. The self consciousness of others
Often we only view others actions through our own consciousness and experience, but all too frequently we forget each of us come from unique circumstances, have walked different paths, and see the world in an acute wide variety. Even siblings, born under the same roof to the same set of parents have a vastly diverse outlook on life due to environmental changes day by day and year by year. Focus on everyone’s wonderful amalgamation and ability to bring something special to the table. Often one’s own actions are in direct correlation to their personal experiences and have little or anything to do with you personally.

4. Put things in perspective
As we reflect on and learn not to take others actions personally it not only allows our ability to grow and flourish in being proactive verses reactive, but gives additional time for personal insight and growth in being the maker of our individual choices and destiny. Set goals that

By implementing these simple steps in daily living we can reformat our brains to think with more assertion, appreciation towards ourselves and others, and gain an ability to see and experience life with clarity.

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