Stress is an ever-increasing issue in today’s society. It is one of the most common negative influences I see on relationships. It makes sense – life has become increasingly stressful. Businesses are requiring more from their employees for the same or less pay. More people are out of a job. Raising children in a fast world is difficult. Stress can overtake us if we let it. However, if we are willing to set boundaries for ourselves and make self-care and family time our priorities, we will be better able to manage the stress. The simple fact of life is that we cannot do everything and do it well. We have to prioritize what is really important to us (i.e. self-care and family) and let other things be left behind. If we don’t make things like self-care and family the top priority, they will keep being neglected. Let’s set boundaries and prioritize – it will help reduce stress, improve health, and strengthen relationships.

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