Protecting Your Relationship from the Elements

The longer we leave something in disrepair the more costly it will be to fix it. For instance If we fail to protect wood, that is exposed to the elements, with paint or some other type of sealant, the elements will eventually destroy the wood and it will need to be replaced.

Everyday I meet with couples in my office who have put off or have stopped doing the things that will protect and strengthen their relationship. Instead, they get sucked in to pursuing other endeavors that seem more important such as excelling at work, caring for children, becoming physically fit, spending time with extended family or friends, and so on. A lack of attention to the relationship causes it to deteriorate when the storms of life beat upon it.

These couples end up in my office feeling hopeless and wishing they could turn back time and place more attention on protecting and strengthening their relationship. What they find out is that because they have neglected their relationship it is now going to be more costly, mentally emotionally, financially to repair their relationship.

In order to avoid costly relationship repairs or relationship dissolution, couples need to spend time everyday trying to do things that will strengthen their relationships. When minor things come up in your relationship, don’t ignore them. If you find you are struggling with your DIY relationship strengthening endeavors, don’t wait until things get really bad before you see help.

Couples enrichment and couples counseling are not just for relationships in major disrepair. Couples counseling and enrichment programs can help you build a stronger relationship and can assist you in making sure your relationship is protected from the storms of life.