Is marriage counseling worth the cost?

Is marriage counseling worth the cost?

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If you were looking for a marriage counselor, what would be your top priority?

  • Price?
  • Expertise of the counselor?
  • How comfortable you are with the counselor?

Every day we have couples contact us. The first question out of their mouth is typically “What does it cost?”. I can completely understand why that question is often the first to come. I am a price shopper. When I need to purchase something, I like to make sure the money I spend is worth what I spend it on. However, I suggest that price should not be the first or the most influential factor in seeking help for your marriage. Is getting sub-par help worth saving a few bucks? A marriage and a family should be worth more than anything to a person. Yet, many are more willing to spend money on much less important things, and try to get a deal when they are working to salvage their most important asset – their relationship.

Let’s make cost a factor. The average cost of a contested divorce is $15,000-$30,000 in the United States. Utah divorce lawyers often require tens of thousands of dollars as a retainer just to take the case. In addition, the life-long financial cost of divorce is huge when two households need to be paid for instead of one.

Receiving quality marriage counseling from Boyle Counseling will cost a tiny fraction of this. If you look to save money on saving your relationship, it may cost you significantly more money if you pick the cheapest therapist. If they provide sub-par assistance, it could cost you tens of thousands more than if you paid for quality services from someone like Boyle Counseling. Seek quality help from competent professionals that have real expertise in assisting with relationship issues. It may save your marriage and your pocketbook.

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