Does couples therapy really work?

Does couples therapy really work?

couples therapy

Are you or your spouse skeptical about couples therapy? Do you wonder if it really works? When a new couple comes in for therapy it is common for one or both of them to have some skepticism about therapy. There are many reasons people feel this such as:

  • What has been portrayed on television or media
  • A worry that it will have to lay on a chaise lounge and talk about “strange things” such as when their dad didn’t take them to the circus (just an aside – we don’t own any chaise lounges)
  • A lack of belief that their significant other will take it seriously
  • Believing that therapists are akin to snake oil salespeople

Despite these or other worries (which of course are inaccurate), research shows that most couples benefit from seeking help from a professional. Research has shown that 70% of couples that attend counseling are able to overcome their problems. In addition, 75% of couples that are on the brink of breaking up or divorce that attend couples therapy are still together 5 years following therapy. This is especially impressive given the common skepticism that is present for couples that seek help.

The research referenced above was with couples receiving help from a wide range of professionals. At Swinton Counseling we have additional training and expertise in relationship counseling which make us relationship experts, potentially improving the success rates possible with us. As a result, most of the couples that seek help from us are able to resolve their problems. If you live anywhere near our offices in  Sandy, give us a call. It will be our pleasure to help you experience that that couples therapy can really work.

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