What’s Your Kind of March Madness?

What’s Your Kind of March Madness?

While the sincerest of basketball fans begin to set up their March Madness brackets on who they’d like to see win or lose about this time of year…there’s another form of madness that happens in March that may be more applicable to more of us that don’t follow the ball up and down the court!

We’re in that teasing state of seasons where winter is not quite over, but most of us are ready to move onto the warmth and revitalization by swinging into the season of spring! We can see it in the docile nature of our doggie daughter, it’s rampantly obvious in children both in the classroom or in our homes, and adults start dreaming of spring vacation even when it may still be weeks away!

What are some things we can do to address these other forms of March Madness?

  • With “Springing” ahead in time our days now seem longer and many of us may have a chance to spend time outside, even if it’s sporadic as it snows, warms to melt away, and snows again!
  • Take time outside breathing fresh air, notice how nice it feels going in and out of your lungs, giving fresh air to your brain is a wonderful treat, not to mention taking a moment to yourself.
  • Notice new life: budding on tree branches, grass starting to emerge in green vibrance, and even animals coming out of hibernation to chirp, make nests, or to eat.
  • What will you be doing this spring to renew you? Plan a couple items in relation to spring; like gardening ideas, hikes you’d like to on, and places you’d like to visit that maybe aren’t available during the winter months.

*An extra tip for Moms and Dads:
Children do better focusing on their homework, negative behaviors are noticeably diminished, and overall exhibit happier daily outlooks when they spend at least 45 minutes outside in open spaces away from any kind of screens or devices. Give yourself a break and help in assisting in their happiness by getting them outside too! Then everyone can be happy. Wahoo!

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