The Healthy Self: Esteem, Love, and Worth

The Healthy Self: Esteem, Love, and Worth

Is there such a thing as loving oneself too much? What about too little? How do we achieve the balance of self; in the sense that it is just right?
Let’s delve into what each of these actually mean and then expand upon their relationship towards each other:
Self-esteem: what we THINK and FEEL and BELIEVE about ourselves.
Self-love: regard for one’s own WELL-BEING and HAPPINESS.
Self-worth: one’s own VALUE as a person.
Each of these aspects of self have an integral part to play in each others balance.
Let’s start with self-esteem; as an individual what do you think, feel and believe about yourself? Are you honest and balanced with yourself in recognizing your best qualities along with areas you can do better in? Do you act in putting your best foot forward in your personal areas of success while simultaneously bettering yourself in areas of weakness by working on them? As you actively work to be the best you can be self-esteem with naturally increase.
In this sense of therapy, self-love is not the arrogance or pride we often hear as its dual meaning. Here we are talking about the self-love that each of us must have to be healthy and contributing members of society. Practicing self-care is a positive manifestation self-love. Examples of this could be daily exercise and adequate sleep (usually at least 7.5 hours a night), proper nutrition and eating habits, recreational activities that you enjoy will being peace, hope, and lasting excitement into your life. These can be done solo or even better, when in the company of those who you enjoy!
As a society we have yet to officially agree upon the value of a life. What is the personal value you assign to yourself? Mentally do you feel superior to those around you, maybe of less worth or do you respect them as your equals in the human race, they being born into this life the same way you were? We can easily measure our view our self worth, by how we treat others: do we set healthy boundaries or limits, say yes when we want to do something, and/or no when we can’t do what is being asked of us? Do we value our bodies, express our emotions openly, give our honest opinions, and recognize what we may believe spiritually makes us diverse, unique and differently wonderful?
As we reflect on these areas of self we become mindful of them as individuals, couples, families, and societies. It is in the wide garden variety, each of us bring to the table, we find solutions to problems in life, unity and ultimately become whole.

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