Surviving the Winter Blues

Surviving the Winter Blues

Do you struggle with the winter blues? Is this time of year hard for you to stay positive and upbeat? Are you wishing winter was over and summer was here? I can answer yes to all of those questions and there are many out there that can say yes to some or all of them as well.

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Symptoms from the winter blues vary from person to person. While some fight just to make it through the winter others might just feel a little down off and on throughout the season. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life during the winter, you just need to know how to keep it in check.

One of the most important things you can do is be prepared. Knowing that you battle with these blues during a certain time of year helps you to make a plan for when it comes. Looking back think of when your blues start and about how long they last.

Now, it’s time to make a plan so your blues don’t control your life. What’s included in your plan? I can’t say doing A, B, & C will improve your blues because it is different for each person. Some things that might help include:

Light exposure. We stay inside more and see less of the sun during the cold winter months. Open your blinds, go outside for a walk, use a light box, find some way to expose yourself to more light.
Exercise. It’s good for you physically and mentally!
Find a hobby you enjoy that can be done indoors if you hate the cold and snow (like me) or an outdoor activity for those that like snow.
Have a project to complete. The goal of finishing your project gives you something to look forward to doing and helps take your mind off how many more days until winter is over. Reaching that goal gives you feelings of accomplishment and success.
Put plants or flowers inside your home or work space. When we do go outside just about everything is dead and I don’t know about you but dirty, black snow is ugly and depressing. Seeing green and colorful living things every day can help lift your mood.

Make your plan to include things that you know will work best for you. Remember, being aware and prepared will be the first things you can do to learn how to survive the winter blues.

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