We Need More Sleep

We Need More Sleep

One of the biggest issues I see day after day that negatively influence people is lack of sleep. In life we do those things we feel are most important. When pressure from family, work, and a host of other issues press down upon us, sleep often goes by the wayside. We don’t value it. However, what we often don’t realize is how much those other aspects of our lives are inhibited by lack of sleep. While I was working at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, a sleep specialist told me that people need a minimum of 7.5-9 hours of sleep per night. That means that some people need a minimum of 9 hours of sleep per night. It also means that even those that claim they don’t need much sleep likely need at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night. Our capacity to manage the complexities of life would be greatly increased if we all slept as much as we need to. I have found that between 8 and 8.5 hours of sleep is just right for me.

Well, I guess I better head off to bed…

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