Vote YES on Proposition Happy Relationship!

Vote YES on Proposition Happy Relationship!

Couple Agreeing on a Happy Relationship

This time of year, in the United States, has many people considering voting on propositions, candidates, and other measures that they feel impact their overall well-being and the overall well-being of the country. Perhaps the most important proposition that you can “vote” on would be that of a happy relationship. The most important person you can “vote” on is your spouse/partner. A vote is a “formal expression of an opinion or choice”. Formally expressing the choice of a happy relationship is something that needs to happen daily through our actions. Here are some ways to “vote” on a happy relationship:

·       Improve your ability to be a compassionate hearer of your partners wants, desires, hurts, fears, etc.

·       Spend time with one another engaging in conversation that is playful, fun, and focused on dreams for the future.

·       Plan a getaway for just the two of you for 2 to 3 nights. Don’t plan any specific activities, except for just hanging out with one another.

·       Help your partner with something that he or she may appreciate.

·       Read a relationship enhancement book together. Talk about how you can apply some the things you learn into your relationship.

·       Find a way to help support your partner in his or her dreams goals and ambitions.

·       Establish goals together for what you hope to accomplish in your relationship over the next four years. See how many more goals you accomplish when compared with those promised by politicians

·       visit a couple’s counselor near Salt Lake City to learn new skills that can help you to improve your relationship.

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