The 2-Ply Marriage

Over the years we have all heard advertisements on the radio, TV and through other forms of media about one brand of paper towel or toilet paper being stronger than another. The stronger brands advertise that their product is 2-ply. I think we can all agree that 2-ply toilet paper or paper towels make cleaning up more efficient.

Another definition of the word ply is “to work hard at something, to work hard at a trade or occupation, [or marriage] especially with diligence.” A 2-ply marriage occurs when both in the relationship are working hard and being diligent to do what is necessary to strengthen, repair and enrich their marriage on a daily basis. A 1-ply marriage is where only one person is trying to strengthen, repair, and enrich the marriage.

When “messes” occur in your relationship, would you rather clean them up with a 1-ply marriage or a 2-ply marriage? A 1-ply marriage will never be as effective at recovering from challenges that will arise in marriage. A 2-ply marriage will be able to clean up from difficulties much more quickly because it has been strengthened, repaired and enriched by both people in the marriage. Make the choice today to diligently work at having a 2-ply marriage.