Collaborative Relationship Counseling Services

Couples seek relationship counseling for a variety of reasons. At Boyle Counseling & Consultation, we know that the desire for a healthy, loving relationship is your underlying goal.

Our professional relationship counseling services in Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah, are designed to help couples achieve their goals of restoring harmony and trust through effective communication.

Even if your relationship has devolved into distrust, anger and conflict, we can help you reconnect and find the path back to happiness.

The Relationship Counseling Process

For those who haven’t experienced relationship therapy or couples counseling, the prospect may seem frightening or daunting. Those couples who have experienced its benefits, however, will tell you it’s a positive, life-changing experience.

The process of relationship counseling begins with a brief history of your relationship and a discussion about your goals. Your counselor will answer all of your questions and explain the potential outcomes.

It’s most important to realize that this will be a collaborative process among you, your partner and your counselor. Together, the three of you will set about finding common ground and emotional understanding.

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Your counselor will ask questions and offer suggestions to help the two of you work through your barriers and conflicts. You will be given tools and strategies to facilitate healing and build trust, in a way that feels comfortable and right for the two of you.

Relationship counseling is not an instant solution. For some couples, the process can evolve more quickly than for others. The key to success is the willingness to work at it. Your relationship — its future and its potential — deserves that effort.

Relationship Counseling with Goals for a Happy, Healthy Future

Every couple’s goals are different, but most have the same primary objective: to restore trust, harmony and emotional intimacy in their relationship.

Our relationship counseling services help you achieve what you most desire for your relationship, now and in the future.

We will work to impart the skills and techniques that maintain open communication. Anger and argument build walls in a relationship, preventing both partners from being able to see through the other’s eyes.

Our counselors adopt an attitude of empathy and unbiased compassion, because a successful relationship doesn’t have two sides. It has unity and respect, even in the face of disagreement. It has discussion and resolution, and plenty of listening. It has healthy boundaries that help overcome unresolved issues.

Restoring Hope in Today’s Stressful World

You have so much on your mind — and your to-do list — and it’s easy to let your relationship take a back seat to life’s pressures. Our counselors will help you sort through pressures, fears and doubts, allowing you to rediscover your commitment to your partner.

Contact Boyle Counseling & Consultation today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our programs. Our office is conveniently located in Sandy, Utah.

If you’re ready to make the changes you and your partner most desire, we’re ready to help you begin the transformational process of relationship counseling.

Restore the Passion and Connection you once felt

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