Mask Mandates and Marriage

Mask Mandates and Marriage

Couple in Love Wearing Masks in Salt Lake City

What in the world do mask mandates have to do with marriage? Well there’s an underlying principle in each that is a valuable preventative measure for negative outcomes. Let me explain. The reason that mask mandates exist in many states and countries is that it is believed that for those who are infected with the illness, wearing a mask helps prevent the spread. If you are not sick, It provides another layer of potential protection for the wearer.

Now you may be someone who is not worried about getting sick, or worried about getting loved one sick, but wearing masks is believed to help to slow the spread of the illness and thus creating a benefit for the greater society as a whole.

Many times in marriage and other committed relationships, it’s necessary for us to do certain things that we may not necessarily want to do, in order to help our spouse/partner experience positive feelings about the relationship. In these moments we need to swallow our pride and act. Sometimes things that are best for the relationship are not always comfortable for us to execute. The truth is, that in order for a relationship to grow there needs to be some degree of discomfort; for without discomfort there is no growth. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with something or have personal interest in it, you have to ask yourself: “Even though I don’t want to do this, will it ultimately benefit the relationship?”

I think you will find a great benefit when you put the relationship first and engage in being open to your partners’ requests and interests. Just like wearing a mask we can ask, “is it really that bad, if doing so can help get life back to normal?” In our relationships we need to ask ourselves: “Is it worth it to do something I don’t want to do in order to have a stronger, happier relationship?” I think you will find that in most instances the answer is “yes”.

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