Is Your Relationship Being Consumed?

Is Your Relationship Being Consumed?

In the world today, regardless of your socioeconomic status, there are countless things to consume and opportunities to experience. This countless array of things and experiences creates a giant magnet that can pull us away those we love and threatens relationships.

The more we focus on what we individually want to consume or experience the more likely we are to see our partner as someone who is a barrier to our consumption or experiences. The more we see them as a barrier the further we are pulled away from the reason we got into the relationship in the first place and the relationship will begin to weaken and eventually dissolve.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your relationship from being consumed:
1. Limit individual consumption and experiences. If you are only focused on your own self -fulfillment you will not be able to maintain healthy relationships with others because others will begin to see you as selfish.

2. Seek for a shared vision of what you want to consume or experience you want to have together. The more unified you are the stronger your relationship will be.

3. Don’t base your relationship on consumption or on experiences. Too much focus on consuming things and having new experiences can also pull you away from the aspects of your relationship that are the most meaningful.

4. Most importantly, spend time with one another in meaningful activities that strengthen those areas of your shared life together and that give it lasting meaning.

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