Is personal stress putting pressure on your marriage?

Is personal stress putting pressure on your marriage?

Do you feel stressed? Have work or other commitments taken their toll? Do you wish you could have more hours in the day to complete the many tasks you are struggling to juggle? You are not alone. As I provide counseling to couples, one of the things I always assess is the level of stress that each person is experiencing. We give assessments that show elevated levels of stress are present for most who come for counseling. This is understandable because the issues that couples present in counseling are typically stressful. However, I don’t think that stress is only impacted by the marital problems – stress is often a contributing factor.

While it may not seem directly related, stress can have significant impacts on relationships. Think about it. Have you ever been short with your children or your spouse after a stressful day at work? Are you more on edge or irritable when you are stressed? Do you sleep less or struggle with self-care when you are stressed? All of these things impact the other. Hence, if you are looking for a way you can have a positive impact on your marital relationship, look for ways to reduce your stress.

When your stress is managed, you will be more patient and understanding. You will be less reactive. You will be more likely to think of your spouse. You will sleep better. You will get sick less. These all sound like things we should all want in our lives. As we better manage our commitments, set boundaries, and focus on what matters most, life may feel a lot less stressful and the quality of your relationships will improve.



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