Have a holly, jolly Christmas, if you can

Have a holly, jolly Christmas, if you can

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The holidays bring a lot of great things with them. Many of us get to enjoy special treats, extra time with family (which may or may not be a treat) and time off work. For many of us it truly is the MOST wonderful time of the year. However, for some, this is the most difficult, the most depressing and the most lonely time of the year. The holidays can be very difficult but there are things you can do to ward off feelings of loneliness.

One thing to consider is be prepared. If you are concerned about what the holidays hold for you, be brave! Make a plan. Reach out to those around you and see if you can find someone to spend time with this holiday season. No one wants to feel like a burden or a third wheel; however, for many it’s preferable to spending this time of year alone. Also, think of it as an opportunity to cultivate relationships with others, rather than assuming you’re any type of annoyance. You never know what kind of relationship could grow from your interactions with others, especially during this time of year.

Another option is to create new memories, new rituals. Whether you’re lonely and/or grieving, this time of year can be a good time to reflect on all the good things that have happened. Maybe look for an opportunity to serve or help others. Serving others often seems to help lift our spirits and being around others allows us to experience connection, as well as love and empathy.

If you look fondly on the holidays and look forward to your traditions, this might be a great time for you to reach out to someone who might not have the warm feelings you have. Invite others in and share your warmth and love! So many of us want to be loving and inclusive this time of year so let’s make a conscious effort to ensure no one is feeling left out.

If the holidays are a difficult time for you, please be brave and reach out to others. This is a time of year where people look for opportunities to help, to give. Asking if you can tag along or join others during their holiday traditions is rarely looked on as an annoyance and is welcomed by many. We can all have a holly, jolly Christmas, so let’s all try to be a little more brave and maybe get out of our comfort zones a little.

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