Are You Fighting Like a Politician

Are You Fighting Like a Politician

Politicians Fighting Just Like Couples in Counseling

As I was watching the presidential debate recently, it reminded me too much of some of what I see in couples counseling sessions. As I watched President Trump and Joe Biden, I realize what I was seeing looked more like two siblings quarreling back and forth or two partners defensively quarreling trying to destroy the other person’s character to make themselves feel better.

I want you to ask yourself this question, “Do I fight like a politician with my partner?” Now I realize that not every politician fights in the exact same way as we saw Trump and Biden interacting with one another, but I fear that it’s a much too common occurrence in couple relationships. People who watched the “debate” expressed frustration, disappointment, irritation, and a whole host of other emotions. Fighting with one another in this way is never going to bring about any positive change in a relationship — it only makes things worse. Plus, I don’t think that most of us want to be placed in the same category as a politician.

As you noticed from the debate it wasn’t even an issue of one person trying to prove that he was right, it was all about personal character attacks to try to destroy any credibility that either of them had or could potentially have.

So how do You keep yourself myself from fighting with my partner like a politician to help you do this take the time to review some past blog posts on this site.

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