Dispelling Common Myths About Marriage Counseling

Dispelling Common Myths About Marriage Counseling

It’s no secret that marriage takes a lot of work, but sometimes couples find themselves in a situation where their marriage is requiring more work than it should. Constant arguments (even if they seem like small disagreements) or a feeling of being “stuck” in the same place and unable to move forward in a relationship might be a sign that you need marriage counseling. Unfortunately there are a lot of myths out there about couples therapy that could prevent you from getting professional help to improve your relationship.

Common myths can keep couples from seeking marriage counseling in Salt Lake City.

Myth: Our problems aren’t bad enough to need a therapist.

Truth: Seeing a therapist when your problems are only minor, or when you first notice a problem, could actually help you avoid serious problems later. Unfortunately many people wait several years to seek marriage counseling, which allows even seemingly small issues to fester and grow instead of addressing them early and moving forward. Marriage counselors in Salt Lake City have the experience necessary to identify and help you work through anything—whether it’s been going on for a few weeks or several years.

Myth: You only need a therapist if you have mental health issues

Truth: You don’t have to be “crazy” to see a therapist, and in fact, couples who see a therapist often have the healthiest, most balanced, and most successful relationships because they sought the help of a professional. Trained marriage therapists can help you work through problems, maintain open communication, and discuss issues before they turn into serious complications like infidelity.

Myth: It’s uncomfortable to talk to a stranger about our problems

Truth: The fact that a therapist doesn’t know you and doesn’t have a personal stake in your relationship is exactly why they can be so helpful. They are an unbiased, neutral party to listen to what is going on and help you communicate with each other to solve problems.

Myth: Seeing a marriage therapist is the first step toward a divorce

Truth: Seeking help from marriage counseling in Salt Lake City can actually be the first step toward avoiding divorce for many couples. If you don’t have the necessary tools and skills to talk through your issues, a therapist can help bridge that communication gap. They can also help you address underlying things in your relationship that could be contributing to arguments or tension, leading to a happier and healthier relationship in the future.

Myth: My spouse will blame me for everything

Truth: In otherwise healthy (non-abusive) relationships, the goal of seeing atherapist is to find constructive ways to resolve differences without blaming each other. Your therapist will listen to both spouses in an effort to learn about the dynamics of your relationship, then help both of you see how you play a role in the disagreements or dysfunction.

Marriage counseling in Salt Lake City can be one of the most effective ways to resolve differences and improve communication in your relationship. If you are struggling with issues in your marriage, call Boyle Counseling & Consultation today to learn more about couples therapy sessions.

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