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Couple in Love Wearing Masks in Salt Lake City

Mask Mandates and Marriage

What in the world do mask mandates have to do with marriage? Well there’s an underlying principle in each that is a valuable preventative measure for negative outcomes. Let me explain. The reason that mask mandates exist in many states and countries is that it is believed that for those who are infected with the …

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Couple Agreeing on a Happy Relationship

Vote YES on Proposition Happy Relationship!

This time of year, in the United States, has many people considering voting on propositions, candidates, and other measures that they feel impact their overall well-being and the overall well-being of the country. Perhaps the most important proposition that you can “vote” on would be that of a happy relationship. The most important person you …

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Couples Growing together on a walk after Couple's Counseling

Don’t Go…Choose to Grow

So, you’ve reach a point in your relationship where you are starting to think that you are losing yourself. In the words of a song by Ben Platt “Grow As We Go”: You say there’s so much you don’t know You need to go and find yourself You say you’d rather be alone ‘Cause you …

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Politicians Fighting Like A Couple In Salt Lake City

Are You Fighting Like a Politician

As I was watching the presidential debate recently, it reminded me too much of some of what I see in couples counseling sessions. As I watched President Trump and Joe Biden, I realize what I was seeing looked more like two siblings quarreling back and forth or two partners defensively quarreling trying to destroy the …

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Common myths can keep couples from seeking marriage counseling in Salt Lake City.

Dispelling Common Myths About Marriage Counseling

It’s no secret that marriage takes a lot of work, but sometimes couples find themselves in a situation where their marriage is requiring more work than it should. Constant arguments (even if they seem like small disagreements) or a feeling of being “stuck” in the same place and unable to move forward in a relationship …

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Finding the right time to talk to your spouse about marriage counseling is important.

3 Ways to Talk to Your Spouse About Starting Marriage Counseling

When you experience problems in your relationship, you may think that seeing a marriage counselor could help. The challenge? You’re not sure how your spouse will react when you suggest seeing a therapist. Unfortunately there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about couples therapy that could make someone feel uncomfortable. Here are some ways …

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Rebuild Trust

Important Steps to Rebuild Trust After Infidelity

When a spouse or significant other cheats on you it is a deeply painful experience. Most of us go into a relationship with love, hope, and trust, and when that trust is broken it takes a lot of work to rebuild it. For couples that want to work it out and try for a second …

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couple with their bikes

4 Things You Can Do as a Couple Right Now to Strengthen Your Relationship

Being in a committed relationship can be a beautiful thing, and forming a strong bond with someone that you want to share your life with can lead to happiness and personal satisfaction. Unfortunately, while most people realize that relationships require work, they may not always know exactly what kind of work is best for strengthening …

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Man standing with My Way or the Highway referring to marriage counseling in Draper Utah

Overcoming Rigidity and Seeking Unity

During the last month, I walked into a bookstore in Salt Lake for the first time in many years. As I walked around I was overcome by the amount of new books. Each book representing someone’s ideas, beliefs or imagination

Lighthouse representing hope for your couple relationship

Be Your Partner’s Lighthouse

Ever since I was a child, lighthouses have always been enchanting for me. My grandfather made small lighthouses out of rocks he had collected and polished; they were amazing. As a teenager I had one entire wall in my bedroom dedicated to pictures of lighthouses. I was a little obsessed with lighthouses. I have always …

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